Meet Scott Miller

Flight Instructor

About Scott

Scott has been instructing for over 25 years and has been flying since graduating high school in 1982. He realized his dream of becoming an airline pilot, but not before discoving the joy of showing students how to unlock the gift of flight. Flying has always, and continues to be his dream. The ability to help others to achieve students' dream is, to Scott, "an amazing and humbling experience." He has been teaching part- and full-time after earning his CFI with Carter since 1991. As of 2017, Scott holds the following FAA certifications:

Fly with Scott

"If a person has the ... skills to drive a car, they can learn to fly a light aircraft. Most importantly, all it takes is the dedication and desire to complete the program."

Scott first soloed in 1982 and has been flying ever since. He currently is a part-time Aeronautics Professor at Sacramento City College, flies part time for two Part 135 Air Charter Operations and loves to teach students with CFI.

His schedule varies, but is flexible and he can be available during the week and on weekends. Call (916) 427-7707 or write below to schedule an appointment.